Christopher Yates

Christopher Yates

[email protected]

B.A English, Cornell University, 2014.

I read and write about early modern poetry and drama, and am particularly interested in questions surrounding allegory, historical   meaning, the Baroque, and corporal metaphors of the state. My dissertation   project tracks the figure of the "hoarder" in its various manifestations across the Renaissance stage and page - from popular icons of greed or miserliness to less obvious "hoarder" figures, including sodomites, priests, nuns, usurers, cuckolds, idolators, encyclopedia compilers, jailers, "blocking" characters, and art collectors. My project, as well as my work more generally, is primarily informed by queer theory and recent scholarly interest in materialism.


The Thing in Itself: Hoarders and Idols in Early Modern  Poetry and Drama

Courses Taught:

Brown University, ENGL0900: The Academic Essay
Brown University, ENGL0200: Avengers, Vigilantes and Detectives – Revenge  
in Fiction
Summer @ Brown, Writing Seminar: Putting Yourself into Words
Providence College, ENG101: The Academic Essay
Providence College, ENG300: Intermediate Writing

Research and Teaching Interests:

Eighteenth-Century Studies; Literary and Cultural Theory; Queer Theory/Gay and Lesbian Studies; Renaissance and Early Modern