Claire Grandy

Claire Grandy

B.A. English, McGill University, 2011;
M.A. Interdisciplinary Humanities, NYU, 2014

My research focuses on 20th century and contemporary North American literature and visual culture, with an emphasis on poetic forms and archival praxes. My dissertation investigates the relationship between poetry and photography, as it is expressed in documentary poetic forms. Tracing a literary genealogy that begins in romanticism and extends to writers that include Walt Whitman, Charles Reznikoff, Muriel Rukeyser, Bernadette Mayer, Dionne Brand, and Robin Coste Lewis, I analyze how these poets appropriate language, images, and objects from public documents or archival materials. I argue that these writers construct a "photo-poetics," poetry that uses photographic forms -- citation, seriality, indexicality, reframing, image-caption relay -- to theorize and politicize the documentation of people.

Dissertation Title:

"Photo-Poetics and Documentary Forms from William Wordsworth to Robin Coste Lewis"


"Poetics of the Record: Robin Coste Lewis's Voyage of the Sable Venus." Criticism 62.4 (2020).
“The Documentary Photo-Poetics of C. D. Wright and Deborah Luster.” Contemporary Literature 60.2 (2019).
“‘Meek-eyed moods’: On John Clare’s Inarticulate Images.” European Romantic Review 30.3 (2019).

Courses Taught:

Documenting the Feminized Body: Literature, Photography, Science (Fall 2021)
Graphic Memories: Form and Representation in the Contemporary Graphic Novel (Spring 2018)
Critical Reading and Writing I: The Academic Essay (Fall 2017)

Research and Teaching Interests:

Gender and Sexuality Studies; Poetry and Poetics; Race and Ethnicity; 20th-Century and Contemporary; Photography and Visual Culture