Devon Epiphany Clifton

Devon Epiphany Clifton

A.B. English and Women's and Gender Studies, Lafayette College, 2016.

M.A. English, New York University, 2018.

My current intellectual commitments include: critical race and feminist theories, psychoanalysis, and postcolonial thinking. I read, broadly, anglophone fiction from the mid to late twentieth century. In my work I often make use of psychoanalysis as a method for upsetting the role power can play in knowledge creation. My central research questions revolve around subjectivity at the intersection of discursive identity. I’d like to draw a positive map of those subjectivities presumed impossible; or, to hold in close focus the radical elements which attach to their becoming subjects. To this end, I am thinking through phenomenology, relation via love, literary strangeness, and “mixture” as racialization. In the past I have worked extensively on Djuna Barnes’s Nightwood, animal studies, and trauma theory. All of my scholarship is guided by an ethos which recognizes the necessity for political engagement with the world at large. I’m excited to be working on writers such as Nella Larsen, Jamaica Kincaid, and Paule Marshall at present. I am also energized by continuing my study of French, specifically anti-colonial francophone texts. 

Research and Teaching Interests:

African American Studies and the Black Atlantic; Colonial and Postcolonial Studies; Gender and Sexuality Studies; Literary and Cultural Theory; Race and Slavery; Race and Ethnicity; Transatlantic Studies; 20th-Century and Contemporary