Emily Simon

Emily Simon

B.A. English, Boston College, 2015.

M.A. English, Brown  University, 2018.

[email protected]

My research focuses on North American poetry, poetics, and visual art of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Broadly, I explore the intersection of materialism and formalism, engaging questions of time, texture, and detail across material and aesthetic forms. My dissertation project elaborates different modalities of qualitative change and surface effects in contemporary experimental poetry, including works by Lisa Robertson, Ariana Reines, Sueyeun Juliette Lee, and Simone White. I venture that, as these writers attend to and formalize different material modalities, they evince a kind of iridescent materialism, evoking the way surfaces seem to effervesce into endlessly reconfiguring topographies when struck by sparkling light effects. I consider both how phenomena like pattern, decoration, illumination, and surface might rethink the possible contours of matter in its openness to change and how poetic form—particularly in an experimental and processual mode—animates and bolsters this reconceived materialism by illuminating and surfacing the variability of materiality itself.


Iridescent Materialisms: Surfacing Time in Contemporary Poetics

Courses Taught:

ENGL0200: Stuck in the Suburbs: A Poetics of Everyday Life (Spring 2019);
ENGL0900: Critical Reading and Writing I: The Academic Essay (Fall 2018);
CEEL0991: Putting Yourself Into Words (Summer 2019)

CEEL0931: Best Frenemies?: Cultural Narratives of Female Friendship in Literature and Film (Summer 2019)

Teaching Assistant:
ENGL0310: Shakespeare (Fall 2020)
ENGL0101: Earth Poetics: Literature and Climate Change (Spring 2021)

Research and Teaching Interests:

American Literature and Culture; Gender and Sexuality Studies; Poetry and Poetics; 20th-Century and Contemporary; Materialisms; Temporality; History of Science; Aesthetics; Visual and Performance Arts