English XLIST for 2018-19

The following courses offered by other departments will fulfill requirements of the English concentration. Please check with the sponsoring department for registration, times, and locations.

American Studies

AMST1902U, Zombies Pirates Ghosts Witches, Fall 2018
AMST2220N, Black Feminism: Roots, Routes, Futures, Spring 2019


HMAN1973L, After Blackness: Framing Contemporary African American Literature (Murray), Fall 2018
HMAN1973R, Is that a fact? On function of interpretation at the present time (Rooney), Spring 2019

Ethnic Studies

ETHN1750M, Extravagant Texts: Reading the World Through Asian American Literature (Kim), Spring 2019

Judaic Studies

JUDS 0050A, Believers, Agnostics, and Atheists in Contemporary Fiction and Memoirs (Jacobson), Fall 2018