English XLIST for 2019-20

The following courses offered by other departments will fulfill requirements of the English concentration. Please check with the sponsoring department for registration, times, and locations.

American Studies

AMST2220Q, CRN17225, The Homo Sapiens at the End of the World; or, Readings in Race Theory (Ramirez), Fall 2019

Comparative Literature

COLT 1431C, CRN 15957, Poets, Poetry, and Politics (Calotychos), Fall 2019

Ethnic Studies

ETHN1750S, S02, CRN 26079, Extravagant Texts: Reading the World Through Asian American Literature, (D. Kim), Spring 2020

Hispanic Studies

HISP2030I, CRN 25737, (double-listed ENGL2361C, CRN 24570), Books of Love: Ruiz + Chaucer (Bryan/Vaquero), Spring 2020

Judaic Studies

JUDS 0820, CRN 15815, The Language of Religious Faith, (Jacobson), Fall 2019

Modern Culture and Media

MCM2110T, CRN16087, The Contingency of Critique, (Rooney), Fall 2019