Corey McEleney

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

5:30pm - 6:30pm

Department of English

70 Brown Street

Barker Room 315

The Art of Overanalyzing

According to self-help authors, business and entrepreneurship experts, and other promoters of positive thinking, overanalyzing is a harmful, counterproductive practice that impedes our efforts to reach our goals. What happens, though, when we resist the impulse to stigmatize overanalyzing and instead take it more seriously? Might there even be benefits to overanalyzing? “The Art of Overanalyzing” will tackle these questions by scrutinizing the ideological fantasies embedded in the rhetoric used to disparage overanalysis. I argue that academics and intellectuals should have a particular investment in interrogating the anti-intellectual assumptions that structure the charge of overanalyzing, especially at a moment when anti-intellectualism increasingly fuels populist and neo-fascist political programs.