Great Brown Nonfiction Writers’ Lecture Series

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Date/Time: Tuesday, October 06, 2015 6:30pm - 8:00pm
Event type: Nonfiction


Beena Sarwar, Brown ’86, is a Pakistani journalist, artist, and documentary filmmaker focusing on media, gender, peace, and human rights issues. She has extensive experience in television and print media. Her opinion pieces and reports have been published by the "New York Times," "Boston Globe," "The Guardian," and publications in India and Pakistan. Sarwar has contributed analyses to BBC and CNN, Geo TV and "The News International" in Pakistan. After Brown, Sarwar was educated at the University of London and Harvard University. She is currently based in Cambridge, MA, working part-time as editor of "Aman ki Asha," a peace initiative between the Jang Group of Newspapers, Pakistan, and the "Times of India." This is the first lecture in the Great Brown Nonfiction Writers’ Lecture Series, 2015-16.