Faculty Bookshelf: Michael Stewart

The Hieroglyphics

Michael Stewart


"In The Hieroglyphics , a novel(la) in prose poems, Michael Stewart tackles nothing less than a radical revision of creation myths that comments darkly on the ancient stories we have received & the future we may be facing. Stewart's language is spare & haunting, the allusions resonating, in this work that 'reminds us how pale are the achievements of men'" - Wendy Barker

"THIS BOOK IS AMAZING; from the very first sentence ( God is like a beast; he does not know time ) it is a brilliant, more-honest-than-myth-vaster-than-legend collection of pieces of removed yet laser-focused, wise, unknowable pieces that make up a whole as faithful to what humanity leaves behind as it is second cousin to history and even more important, universal mystery."—Christopher Newgent, Vouched Books

"A more certain world does not make for a less terrifying one in Michael Stewart’s astonishing and grave book of wisdoms and codes and laws and rites and rituals and charms. Gather: A sparrow is burning. Gather: There is news of the soul. " —Carole Maso, author of AVA

ISBN: 978-0983026310