Doctoral Dissertations 2014-2018

Alumnus Title of Dissertation
David Hollingshead  The Biomatters of American Modernity
Sara Pfaff Pluralism and Pathology in Afro- and Native American Fiction
Swetha Regunathan A machine which winds its own springs: Fictions of Self-invention in the Eighteenth Century
Andrea Actis  
Our Kind of Seriousness: The Reintegration of Judgment in Contemporary American Culture
Matthew Beach  Out of Time: Sentimentalism and Temporality in Long Nineteenth-Century American Literature 
Katie Fitzpatrick  Between Law and Justice: Legal Authority, Liberal Democracy, and Postwar Fiction 
Peter Kim  Reading Character in George Eliot and William Thackeray 
Joel Simundich  Unformed Feelings: Reading Affects in the Mid-Victorian Novel 
Jessica Tabak  Pained Measures: Forms of Suffering in Spenser, Shakespeare, and Donne 
Stephanie Tilden  Paper Boats: The American Sea Travel Narrative and Archives of Knowledge, 1815-1850 
Rebecca van Laer  Autobiography's Queer Forms: Modernist Self-Writing from Auden to H.D. 
Nathaniel Conroy American Literature and the Religion of the Disinherited: Antisecularism and Modern Fiction
Sachelle Ford

Intimate Crossings: Literature and Politics of Black Diasporic Affection

John Murillo

Quantum Blackanics: Untimely Blackness, and Black Literature Out of Nowhere

Andrew Naughton Writing Allegiance from Marvell to Pope
Sarah Osment Indexical Modernism: Autonomy, Commitment, Aesthetics
Steven Swarbrick The Inhuman Renaissance: Naturalist Poetics and Forms of Life
Angela Allan Postmodern Realism and the Neoliberal Imagination
James Beaver Material Encounters of the English Renaissance
Jeffrey Covington Security Breach: British Modernism and the Violence of Secrets
Sean Keck Reverb: American Literature and Sonic Media, 1876-1952
David Liao Dictators: Ethnic American Narrative and the Strongman Genre
John Mulligan Romantic Experiments: The Second Scientific Revolution and 19th-century English Literature
Derek Ettensohn  Globalism, Humanitarianism, and the Body in Postcolonial Literature
Katherine Miller Temporal Thinking in Modern Lyric
Jeffrey Neilson Making a Living Poetry: The Process of Poetic Vocation in Postwar America
Jennifer Schnepf Strange Intimacies: The Limits of Community in the  Twentieth-Century Novel