Doctoral Dissertations 2012-2016

Alumnus Title of Dissertation

Nathaniel Conroy

American Literature and the Religion of the Disinherited: Antisecularism and Modern Fiction

Sachelle Ford

Intimate Crossings: Literature and Politics of Black Diasporic Affection

John Murillo

Quantum Blackanics: Untimely Blackness, and Black Literature Out of Nowhere

Andrew Naughton Writing Allegiance from Marvell to Pope
Sarah Osment Indexical Modernism: Autonomy, Commitment, Aesthetics
Steven Swarbrick The Inhuman Renaissance: Naturalist Poetics and Forms of Life
Angela Allan Postmodern Realism and the Neoliberal Imagination
James Beaver Material Encounters of the English Renaissance
Jeffrey Covington Security Breach: British Modernism and the Violence of Secrets
Sean Keck Reverb: American Literature and Sonic Media, 1876-1952
David Liao Dictators: Ethnic American Narrative and the Strongman Genre
John Mulligan Romantic Experiments: The Second Scientific Revolution and 19th-century English Literature
Derek Ettensohn  Globalism, Humanitarianism, and the Body in Postcolonial Literature
Katherine Miller Temporal Thinking in Modern Lyric
Jeffrey Neilson Making a Living Poetry: The Process of Poetic Vocation in Postwar America
Jennifer Schnepf Strange Intimacies: The Limits of Community in the  Twentieth-Century Novel
Adriane Genette  Social Spaces and Literary Spaces in Post-Apartheid South African Fiction 
Khristina Gonzalez  Malevolent Civility: The Victorian Novel and the Logic of Reform 
Austin Gorman  The Postwar American Novel and Mr. Keynes: Literature in the Age of Stabilizing Economic Disequilibrium 
Christine Baumgarthuber
Writing the Poverty Line: Dickens, Gissing, Orwell and the Social Scientists
Daniel Block
The Feel of Not to Feel it: British Romanticism, Melancholy Historiography, and the Degree Zero of Emotion
Christopher Holmes
Translation, the Hoax, and the Postcolonial Novel in a Global Age
Deborah Katz    
Bodies Unbound: Race, Gender, and Embodied Identity Politics in Recent Ethnic American Fiction
Wendy Lee                          
Miscegenated Genres: Interracial Form and the Politics of National Futurity in 1990s Asian American and African American Fiction
Laurel Rayburn                   
Un-hackneyed Solitudes: Recycled Fragments as Lyric Voice in the Poetry of Marianne Moore, Elizabeth Bishop, and Sylvia Plath
Hannah Sikorski                  

A Critical Romance: Modernism Rewrites Literary History