Kiran Saili

Kiran Saili

[email protected]

M.A. Women and Gender Studies, University of Toronto, 2016.

B.A. (H) English and Philosophy, York University, 2015.


At bottom, my research and creative output are deeply compelled by a reparative impulse for hopefulness. I am invested in the diasporic condition: of the psychic life and aesthetic/literary works of second-generations subjects, Asian and otherwise, and how we might engage with such works to approach questions of authenticity, identity, community-making, and futurity in the diaspora.

Research and Teaching Interests:

African American Studies and the Black Atlantic; Colonial and Postcolonial Studies; Gender and Sexuality Studies; Literary and Cultural Theory; Race and Ethnicity; Transatlantic Studies; 20th-Century and Contemporary; Psychoanalysis; Queer of Colour Critique