Literature Across Borders 2015-2016

Literature Across Borders 2015-2016

Semester I

ENGL0510G, New Worlds, New Subjects: American Fiction at the Dawn of the Twentieth-Century (Burrows)

ENGL0710B, African American Literature and the Legacy of Slavery (Murray)

ENGL0710L, Ishiguro, Among Others (Bewes)

ENGL1360U, Europe in the Vernacular (Bryan)

ENGL1561D, Writing and the Ruins of Empire (Keach)

ENGL1710J, Modern African Literature (George)

Semester II

ENGL0150X, The Claims of Fiction (George)

ENGL0510Q, Unstable Subjects: Race and Meaning in Contemporary (African) American Literature (Clytus)

ENGL0710E, Postcolonial Tales of Transition (George)

ENGL1310H, Origins of American Literature (Egan)

ENGL1710I, Harlem Renaissance: The Politics of Culture (Murray)

ENGL1761V, Korean War in Color (Kim)