Literature Across Borders 2016-17

Literature Across Borders 2016-17

Semester I

ENGL0100V, Inventing Asian American Literature (Kim)   

ENGL0150U, The Terrible Century (Bewes)

ENGL0710Q, American Literature and the Era of Segregation (Murray)          

ENGL1710P, The Literature and Culture of Black Power Reconsidered (Murray)        

ENGL1900D, Literature and Politics (Keach)

Semester II

ENGL0100G, Literature of Identity (Khalip)        

ENGL0150X, Claims of Fiction (George)   

ENGL0511C, Fantastic Places, Unhuman Humans --online (Egan)      

ENGL0700S, American Literature and Political Radicalism (Murray)  

ENGL1710J, Modern African Literature (George)

ENGL1711E, African American Literature After 1975 (Murray)