Literature Across Borders 2017-18

Literature Across Borders/Literatures of the Color Line 2017-18

Semester I

ENGL0100M, Writing War (Reichman) - changed to Spring 2018

ENGL0100P, Love Stories (Kuzner)

ENGL0150Y, Brontës and Brontëism (Parker) * added 4/24/17 CANCELLED

ENGL0511E, Melville, Conrad, and the Sea (Burrows)

ENGL0511G, Intro to Native and Indigenous Literatures (Warburton) * added 9/8/17

ENGL0710B, African American Literature and the Legacy of Slavery (Murray)

ENGL1561D, Writing and the Ruins of Empire (Keach)

ENGL1710K, Literature and the Problem of Poverty (Murray) 

Semester II

ENGL0100A, How To Read A Poem (Rabb)

ENGL0100F, Devils, Demons, and Do Gooders (Egan)

ENGL0100M, Writing War (Reichman)  

ENGL0100N, City Novels (Katz)

ENGL0100R, American Histories, American Novels (Kim) CANCELLED 

ENGL0150E, Love and Friendship (Kuzner)

ENGL0150X, Claims of Fiction (George)

ENGL0710Q, American Literature in the Era of Segregation (Murray)

ENGL1310H, Origins of American Literature (Egan)

ENGL1710I, Harlem Renaissance: The Politics of Culture

ENGL1710J, Modern African Literature (George)