Marah Nagelhout

Marah Nagelhout

M.A. Literature and Cultural Studies, Carnegie Mellon, 2015.

B.A. English, Political Science, University of Montana, 2013.



Broadly speaking my research focuses on 20th century and contemporary literature, colonial ecologies, critical race theory, and Marxism. Much of my work centers around the theme of extraction, both in terms of the physical mining of natural resources and as a motive force of racial capital that renders laboring bodies depletable and disposable. My current project evaluates extractive logic—and its constituent anti-blackness—as it operates in contemporary pedagogical and carceral institutions.


"Nature and the 'Industry that Scorched it': Adorno and Anthropocene Aesthetics." symplokē, Dec. 2016. 

Research and Teaching Interests:

African American Studies and the Black Atlantic; American Literature and Culture; Colonial and Postcolonial Studies; Literary and Cultural Theory; Queer Theory/Gay and Lesbian Studies; Race and Slavery; Studies in the Novel; 20th-Century and Contemporary