4 November 2015

Rachel Aviv

Great Brown Nonfiction Writers’ Lecture Series

Writing about Marginalized People



6 October 2015

Beena Sarwar

Brown University

Journalism: When the Personal is Political




15 June 2015

Michael Stewart

MacArthur Foundation - DML Central

Reformatting Traditional Literature



13 March 2015

Nonfiction Alumni Writers' Forum

Brown University



15 April 2015

Karen Crouse

Brown Daily Herald

Times reporter shares insight on career path in sportswriting



29 October 2014

Doug Anderson

Brown University

Seeing What is There: Creative Nonfiction, or the Poetics of Reality




4 November 2014

Mark Feeney

Brown University

President in the Dark: Writing "Nixon at the Movies"



14 March 2014

Bill Glaberson

Brown University

Our Imperfect Judiciary: A View From the Newsroom




20 Febuary 2014

Kevin Rose

NPR - Planet Money

What It Was Like To Be A Wall Street Recruit After The Bailouts



25 Febuary 2014

Alan Lightman

Great Brown Nonfiction Writers' Lecture Series

Science Writing



27 September 2014

Jessica Tabak

Research Matters!

When Stories Are Difficult




17 October 2013

Amitava Kumar

Great Brown Nonfiction Writers' Lecture Series

You Have to be a Terrible Monster to Write



21 November 2013

S.L. Wisenberg

Great Brown Nonfiction Writers' Lecture Series

Not Me: Creative Nonfiction Without the ‘I’



16 October 2013

Tracy Breton


Four Decades of Trying to Uncover The Real Story




11 November 2013

Alumni Writers' Forum

Brown Degree Days




5 April 2013

Jeff Zimbalist

Great Brown Nonfiction Writers' Lecture Series

Casey Shearer Memorial Lecture



7 May 2013

Nonfiction Writing Program Faculty Reading

Brown University




1 March 2013

What Can I Do with a Degree in English? Alumni Perspectives on Life after Brown

Brown Degree Days


12 Febuary 2013

Mitchell Zuckoff

Brown University

Hiding in Plain Sight and Telling True Stories that Other Writers Overlook





Deak Nabers

TEDx Brown University

If Students Are Customers, What's the Bottom Line?