Area III 2009-2010

Course # Semester Instructor(s) Section Title
ENGL0600J     2 Landow Madmen, Mystics, Prophets, and Perverts
ENGL0610E     1 George Postcolonial Literature
ENGL0610H     2 Nabers Cultures and Countercultures: The American Novel after World War II
ENGL0610K     1 Katz & Kim 20th-Century Literatures in English
ENGL0650H     1 Armstrong Realism and Modernism
ENGL0650M (JUDS0050A)     1 Jacobson Believers, Agnostics, and Atheists in Contemporary Fiction
ENGL0800A     2 Katz City Novels
ENGL1561E     2 Nabers The Western
ENGL1710I     1 Murray Harlem Renaissance: The Politics of Culture
ENGL1710J     1 George Modern African Literature
ENGL1710K     2 Murray Plain Folk: Literature and the Problem of Poverty
ENGL1710N     2 Burrows Photography and the American Novel
ENGL1710W     2 Armstrong Literary Impressionism
ENGL1710X (HMAN1970L)     1 Brink-Danan Minority News: Radical Reporting and Reading
ENGL1760B     1 Murray Contemporary African American Literature and the End(s) of Identity
ENGL1760C     1 Bewes Body and Event in Contemporary Fiction
ENGL1760I     2 Bewes "Terrible Beauty": Literature and the Terrorist Imaginary
ENGL1760P     2 Kim Extravagant Texts Experiments in Asian American Writing
ENGL1760Q     1 Armstrong James Joyce and the Modern Novel
ENGL1760R     2 Katz The Roaring Twenties
ENGL1760T     2 George Literary Africa
ENGL1761P     2 Blasing Yeats, Pound, Eliot
ENGL1900I     1 Rooney Critical Methodologies: Contemporary Literary Theory
ENGL2760A     1 Blasing American Modernist Poetry and Poetics
ENGL2760H     1 Kim Nationalizing Narratives: Studies in the Twentieth-Century U.S. Novel
ENGL2760M     2 George Postcoloniality in Theory and Literature
ENGL2760U     2 Murray Reading the Black Masses in Literature and Critical Practice
ENGL2760V     2 Landow Neo-Victorianism: Rewriting the Long Nineteenth Century