Historical Development of Literature 2012-2013

Course # Semester CRN Instructor(s) Section Title Historical Development Designation
ENGL0210F 1 14287 Bryan Beowulf to Aphra Behn: The Earliest British Literatures Medieval
ENGL0410A 1 14342 Ryan Literature and the Fantastic 18th/19th Century
ENGL1360J 1 14484 Bryan Literatures of Medieval England Medieval
ENGL1410 1 14486 Blasing American Poetry I: Puritans through the 19th Century 18th/19th Century
ENGL1510I 1 14865 Rabb The Novel from Defoe to Austen 18th/19th Century
ENGL1511E 1 14969 Egan Monsters, Giants, and Fantastic Landscapes 18th/19th Century
ENGL1561N 1 14964 Gould Hawthorne and the Literary Market 18th/19th Century
ENGL1710M 1 14487 Kim Nationalizing Narratives: Race, Nationalism, and the 20th-C. American Novel 20th/21st Century
ENGL1760G 1 14564 Blasing American and British Poetry Since 1945 20th/21st Century
ENGL0410F 2 24368 Egan Devils, Demons, and Do-Gooders 18th/19th Century
ENGL0410G 2 25074 Keach Literature and Revolutions, 1640-1840 18th/19th Century
ENGL0410J 2 25075 Khalip Literature of Identity 18th/19th Century
ENGL0610E 2 25076 George Postcolonial Literature 20th/21st Century
ENGL0650O 2 25065 Bewes The Terrible Century 20th/21st Century
ENGL0800I 2 24608 Lahiri Global South Asia 20th/21st Century
ENGL1310V 2 24610 Bryan Chaucer: The Canterbury Tales Medieval
ENGL1560R 2 24612 Ryan From Frankenstein to Einstein: Literature and Science from 1800-1950 18th/19th Century
20th/21st Century
ENGL1561O 2 24715 Gould Lincoln, Whitman, and The Civil War 18th/19th Century
ENGL1610 2 24613 Blasing American Poetry II: Modernism 20th/21st Century
ENGL1761Z 2 24720 Katz Modernism and Everyday Life 20th/21st Century
ENGL1900Y 2 24725 Bryan Medieval Manuscript Studies: Paleography, Codicology, and Interpretation Medieval