Theory 2009-2010

Course # Semester Instructor(s) Section Title
ENGL1210     1 Adams History of the English Language
ENGL1310H     2 Egan The Origins of American Literature
ENGL1560R     2 Ryan From Frankenstein to Einstein: Literature and Science from 1800-1950
ENGL1560V     1 Egan The Lives of a Text
ENGL1560Y     2 Khalip The Ethics of Romanticism
ENGL1760C     1 Bewes Body and Event in Contemporary Fiction
ENGL1760T     2 George Literary Africa
ENGL1900D     1 Keach Literature and Politics
ENGL1900E     1 Bewes Aesthetics and Politics
ENGL1900I     1 Rooney Critical Methodologies: Contemporary Literary Theory
ENGL1900P     2 Armstrong History of Criticism from Plato to Postmodernism.
ENGL1900R     2 Khalip Queer Relations: Aesthetics and Sexuality
ENGL2360G     2 Bryan Medieval Manuscript Studies: Palaeography and Interpretation
ENGL2760M     2 George Postcoloniality in Theory and Literature
ENGL2900H     1 Khalip Queer Passivity
ENGL2900I     2 Rooney Cultural Studies and the Problem of Form