Area I 2009-2010

Course # Semester Instructor(s) Section Title
ENGL0210F     1 Bryan Beowulf to Aphra Behn: The Earliest British Literatures
ENGL0250F     1 Foley Shakespeare's Present Tense
ENGL0400A     1 Kahn Introduction to Shakespeare
ENGL0400A     2 Feerick Introduction to Shakespeare
ENGL0400D     2 Adams Violence, Sacrifice, and Medieval Narrative
ENGL1210     1 Adams History of the English Language
ENGL1310H     2 Egan The Origins of American Literature
ENGL1310J     2 Foley Imagining the Individual in Renaissance England
ENGL1310T     2 Bryan Chaucer
ENGL1310Y     1 Foley Besides Paradise Lost: Milton's Other Poems
ENGL1360F     1 Bryan Quest, Vision, Diaspora: Medieval Journey Narratives
ENGL1360H     2 Adams Seminar in Old English Literature
ENGL1360O     2 Feerick The Ties That Bind: Domestic Friction and Renaissance Drama
ENGL1360S     1 Kahn Between Gods and Beasts: The Renaissance Ovid
ENGL2360C     1 Adams Beowulf
ENGL2360G     2 Bryan Medieval Manuscript Studies: Palaeography and Interpretation
ENGL2360H     1 Feerick Race and Place in Renaissance Literature