Area II 2009-2010

Course # Semester Instructor(s) Section Title
ENGL0410A     1 Ryan Literature and the Fantastic
ENGL0410G     2 Keach Literature and Revolutions, 1640-1840
ENGL0410J     1 Khalip The Literature of Identity from Shakespeare to Wilde
ENGL0450A     2 Burrows Hawthorne and James
ENGL0450D     1 Nabers The Simple Art of Murder
ENGL0450E     1 Egan Inventing America
ENGL0600C     2 Ryan The Victorian Novel
ENGL0600D     1 Gould Mark Twain's America
ENGL0600E     1 Keach British Romanticism
ENGL0600J     2 Landow Madmen, Mystics, Prophets, and Perverts
ENGL0600K     2 Gould Fictions and Frauds: Literature and the Historical Imagination
ENGL1410     1 Blasing American Poetry I: Puritans through the 19th Century
ENGL1510A     1 Rabb Jane Austen and Her Predecessors
ENGL1511G     1 McLaughlin Dickens and Others
ENGL1511H     1 Nabers Literature of the American Renaissance
ENGL1560B     2 Gould Melville
ENGL1560R     2 Ryan From Frankenstein to Einstein: Literature and Science from 1800-1950
ENGL1560V     1 Egan The Lives of a Text
ENGL1560Y     2 Khalip The Ethics of Romanticism
ENGL1561C     1 Rabb Swift and His Contemporaries
ENGL1561D     2 Keach Writing and the Ruins of Empire
ENGL1561E     2 Nabers The Western
ENGL2560Q     1 Ryan Victorian Fictions of Consciousness
ENGL2560V     1 Gould Transatlantic Studies
ENGL2560X     2 Rabb The Eighteenth-Century Novel
ENGL2760V     2 Landow Neo-Victorianism: Rewriting the Long Nineteenth Century