Nonfiction Writing 2014-2015

ENGL 1050, 1140, 1160, 1180, 1190, and 1200 all count toward the three 1000-level courses (only ONE of which may be ENGL1050) for the Nonfiction Writing Track. One other course must be a topically related literature course. Those courses listed below can be used as a guide. Other literature courses topically related to the student's work in nonfiction writing may be applied with advisor approval.

Course #
Semester CRN Instructor(s) Section Title
1  15177
The Literature and Culture of Black Power Reconsidered
ENGL1760T 1 15299 George The Texts of Africa
ENGL1950F 1 15301 Reichman Law and Literature
ENGL0360H 2 25057 Kuzner Love and Friendship
ENGL1361E 2 24648 Rabb Coffeehouse Culture: Restoration and Early 18th-C. Literature
ENGL1561R 2 24646 Clytus Touring the Empire: Travel Literature and the Idea of America
ENGL1711D 2 24644 Katz Reading New York
ENGL1761V 2 24642 Kim The Korean War in Color
ENGL1900T 2 24661 George The Postcolonial and the Postmodern