New Spring 2018 Nonfiction Courses


 Jonathan Readey
Senior Lecturer

Writing for Today's Electronic Media
ENGL1050N (CRN24505)
J Hour (T/Th 1-2:20 pm)

This course introduces students to the practice of reporting for television news, radio, and their online equivalents--online news and podcasts. Exploring the world of communications for contemporary media, the course features hands-on work in writing news, features, and opinion pieces for television, radio, online news, and podcasts. Students will develop skills in analyzing, writing, revising, and workshopping in these media. Enrollment limited to 17. Writing sample required. Banner registrations after classes begin require instructor approval. S/NC. 

 Kate Schapira

Languages of Conscience: Slave Narratives, Prison Writing, and Abolition  
ENGL1190V (CRN24507)
N Hour (Wed. 3-5:30 pm)

We'll read and respond to nonfiction writings that arise from chattel slavery in the U.S and one element of its afterlife, the prison system: their goals, their styles, their strategies. Writings will include analytical and creative responses to these works. The Center for Slavery and Justice will be a resource for us. Class list reduced to 17 after writing samples are reviewed during first week of classes. No pre-requisites. Writing sample required. S/NC.