Registration Guidelines for Spring 2022 Nonfiction Courses

The Nonfiction Writing Program offers the following courses:


  • ENGL0900 Critical Reading and Writing I: The Academic Essay
  • ENGL0930 Introduction to Creative Nonfiction

Intermediate (no prerequisites):

  • ENGL1030 Critical Reading and Writing II: The Research Essay
  • ENGL1050 Intermediate Creative Nonfiction
    (includes former ENGL 0160, Journalistic Writing)


  • ENGL1140 Topics in Literary and Cultural Criticism
  • ENGL1160 Special Topics in Journalism
  • ENGL1180 Special Topics in Creative Nonfiction
  • ENGL1190 Special Topics in Nonfiction Writing
  • ENGL1200 Independent Study in Nonfiction Writing

Most sections offered in the Nonfiction Writing Program require instructor approval to complete registration, and many require writing samples, use a lottery-system, or have other pre-enrollment tasks or procedures. Often individual instructors keep wait-lists for students during the shopping period. Please check with section instructors for the specific requirements and procedures for enrollment. Banner registrations after classes begin require instructor approval.

The registration procedure for these courses will be as follows:

ENGL 0900, 0930: Sections will be capped at the enrollment limit. All preregistered students must attend the first three class sessions, in person or virtually, and must complete any requirements during that period, or they may lose their spaces.

Please see individual course descriptions in the Fall 2021 Course Prospectus and Spring 2022 Course Prospectus for registration guidelines for: ENGL 1030 (Critical Reading and Writing II: The Research Essay), ENGL 1050 (Intermediate Creative Nonfiction), ENGL 1140 (Topics in Literary and Cultural Criticism), ENGL 1160 (Special Topics in Journalism), ENGL 1180 (Special Topics in Creative Nonfiction), and ENGL 1190 (Special Topics in Nonfiction Writing).