Olivia Anne Lafferty

Olivia Anne Lafferty

B.A. English and Creative Writing, Wellesley College, 2018.

B.A. Classical Civilization, Wellesley College, 2018.


My research focuses on race and literature in the Americas, including transpacific and transborder narratives. I think about interstitial and transitory spaces of encounter, mixture, becoming, and imagining made possible by sensorial ways of knowing. Crucially, I consider spaces formed in relation or resistance to colonialism, US imperialism, slavery, and the transport of labor to the Americas. I primarily work with twentieth century and contemporary literatures as well as vernacular, family archives and photography.

Research and Teaching Interests:

American Literature and Culture; Colonial and Postcolonial Studies; Literary and Cultural Theory; Race and Slavery; Race and Ethnicity; 20th-Century and Contemporary; Race, Space, and Place