Pre-1700 courses offered 2014-15

Pre-1700 courses offered 2014-2015

Semester I

ENGL0310A, Shakespeare (Foley)
ENGL1311K, Hamlet, In Theory (Rambuss)
ENGL1360H, Seminar in Old English Literature (Jacobs)
ENGL1361B, Renaissance Poetry and Visual Culture (Foley)

Semester II
ENGL0300F, Beowulf to Aphra Behn: The Earliest British Literatures (Bryan)
ENGL0300J, Altered States (Rambuss)
ENGL0310A, Shakespeare (Newman)
ENGL1310V, Chaucer: The Canterbury Tales (Bryan)
ENGL1361D, Women's Voices in Medieval Literature (Jacobs)
ENGL2360W, Reading Things: Early Modern Material Culture (Newman)