Pre-1700 courses offered 2016-17

Pre-1700 courses offered 2016-2017

Semester I

ENGL0100P, Love Stories (Kuzner)
ENGL0150D, Shakespeare's Present Tense (Foley)
ENGL0300F, Beowulf to Aphra Behn: The Earliest British Literatures (Bryan)
ENGL0310E, Shakespeare: The Screenplays (Rambuss)
ENGL0310G, Gender and Genre in Medieval Celtic Literatures (Jacobs)
ENGL1310A, "Firing the Canon": Early Modern Women's Writing (Rabb)
ENGL1310V, Chaucer: The Canterbury Tales (Bryan)
ENGL1360Z, Shakespeare and Embodiment (Newman)
ENGL1361J, Seminar in Old Norse-Icelandic Language and Literature (Jacobs)
ENGL2360Z, Shakespeare: a Politics of Love (Kuzner)

Semester II

ENGL0100D, Matters of Romance (Bryan)
ENGL0310A, Shakespeare (Kuzner)
ENGL1311E, History of the English Language (Jacobs)
ENGL1360H, Middle English Literature (Bryan)
ENGL1361D, Women's Voices in Medieval Literature (Jacobs)
ENGL1361G, Tolkien and the Renaissance (Kuzner)
ENGL2360S, Alternative Miltons (Rambuss)