Pre-1700 courses offered 2017-18

Pre-1700 courses offered 2017-2018

Semester I

ENGL0100P, Love Stories (Kuzner)
ENGL0100Q, How Poems See (Foley)
ENGL0150C, The Medieval King Arthur (Bryan)
ENGL0310A, Shakespeare (Foley)
ENGL1310T, Chaucer (Bryan)
ENGL1360H, Intro to the Old English Language (Jacobs)
ENGL1361G, Tolkien and the Renaissance (Kuzner
ENGL1361H, Shakespeare's Comedies (Newman)

Semester II

ENGL0150E, Love and Friendship (Kuzner)
ENGL0310A, Shakespeare (Kuzner)
ENGL1310H, Origins of American Literature (Egan)
ENGL1311L, From Mead-Hall to Mordor: The Celtic and Germanic Roots of Tolkien's Fiction (Jacobs)
ENGL1361K, Seminar in Old English Language II (Jacobs)
ENGL2361A, Is There Renaissance Lyric? (Foley)