Pre-1700 Courses Offered 2018-19

Pre-1700 courses offered 2018-2019

Fall 2018

ENGL0100C, Altered States (Rambuss)

ENGL0150C, The Medieval King Arthur (Bryan)

ENGL0150Z, Hamlet/Post-Hamlet (Newman)

ENGL0310A, Shakespeare (Foley)

ENGL0310F, Prose Sagas of the Medieval North (Jacobs)

ENGL1310V, Chaucer: The Canterbury Tales (Bryan)

ENGL1361F, Spenser and Shakespeare (Foley)

ENGL2361B, Seventeenth-Century Lyric Poetry (Rambuss) CANCELLED 5/9/18

Spring 2019

ENGL0100Q, How Poems See (Foley)

ENGL0300F, Beowulf to Aphra Behn: Earliest British Literatures (Bryan)

ENGL1311E, History of the English Language (Jacobs)

ENGL1361J, Seminar in Old Norse-Icelandic Languages and Literatures (Jacobs)

ENGL1361L, Milton (Rambuss)

ENGL1900Y, Medieval Manuscript Studies (Bryan)