Pre-1700 courses offered 2019-20


Fall 2019

ENGL0100P, Love Stories (Kuzner)

ENGL0150C, The Medieval King Arthur (Bryan)

ENGL0150D, Shakespeare's Present Tense (Foley)

ENGL0310A, Shakespeare (Foley)

ENGL1360J, Middle English Literature (Bryan)

ENGL1361D, Women's Voices in Medieval Literature (Jacobs)

ENGL1950K, Shakespeare's Comedies (Newman)

ENGL2360Y, Lyric and Ecstasy (Rambuss)

Spring 2020

ENGL0100D, Matters of Romance (Bryan)

ENGL0150E, Love and Friendship (Kuzner)

ENGL0310G, Gender and Genre in Medieval Celtic Literatures (Jacobs)

ENGL1311G, Shakespeare, Love, and Friendship (Kuzner)

ENGL1311M, Renaissance Poetry and Its Kinds (Foley)

ENGL1360H, Introduction to the Old English Language (Jacobs)

ENGL2361C/HISP2030I, Books of Love: Ruiz + Chaucer (Bryan/Vaquero)