Scott Jackshaw

Scott Jackshaw

B.A. English and Creative Writing, University of Alberta, 2019.

[email protected]


My research convenes queer theory, critical theory, and political theology to analyze configurations of difference, subjectivity, and being in contemporary poetry. I am interested specifically in poetry as a way of performing theoretical inquiry and in the possibilities that research-creation and formally innovative poetry present for queer and otherwise thinking.

"Mourning worlds: A review of Prageeta Sharma's 'Grief Sequence.'" Jacket2. December 2020.
“On David Dowker’s 'Mantis.'” The Capilano Review 3.38, June 2019.

Research and Teaching Interests:

Gender and Sexuality Studies; Literary and Cultural Theory; Poetry and Poetics; Queer Theory/Gay and Lesbian Studies; Race and Ethnicity; 20th-Century and Contemporary; Political Theology