Theory 2017-18

Literary Theory and Cultural Critique 2017-2018

Semester I

ENGL1511X, Capital and Culture (Parker) CANCELLED

ENGL1560W, Getting Emotional: Passionate Theories (Khalip)

ENGL1561D, Writing and the Ruins of Empire (Keach)

ENGL1761Q, W.G. Sebald and Some Interlocutors (Bewes)

ENGL1900Z, Neuroaesthetics and Reading (Armstrong)

ENGL1950G, Reading Narrative Theory (Rooney)

ENGL2760M, Postcoloniality and Globalism (George)

ENGL2901G, Ultimate Dialogicality: Thinking With Bakhtin (Bewes)

HMAN1972X/ENGL XLIST, Kubrick's Work (Rambuss)

Semester II

ENGL1190S, Poetics of Narrative (Stanley)*

ENGL1310H, Origins of American Literature (Egan)

ENGL1511Y, Emily Dickinson and the Theory of Lyric Form (Burrows)

ENGL1950H, The Recent Novel and its Cultural Rivals (Nabers)

ENGL2901H, Genres of Critique (Rooney)

*For those concentrators declared in the Nonfiction Track, this Nonfiction course need not count as one of the three (3) Nonfiction electives and may fulfill a literature requirement.