Theory 2019-20

Literary Theory and Cultural Critique 2019-2020

Fall 2019

ENGL0700E, Postcolonial Literature (George)

ENGL1561D, Writing and the Ruins of Empire (Keach)

ENGL1761D, Hollywood and American Modernism from FDR to JFK (Nabers)

ENGL1900K, Reading Sex (Khalip)

ENGL2561T, Rhetoric and Narrative Discourse, from Austen to James (Parker) 

Spring 2020

ENGL0700P, Reading Practices: An Introduction to Literary Theory (Rooney)

ENGL1140A, Intellectual Pleasures: Reading/Writing the Literary Text (formerly The Literary Scholar) (Stanley) *

ENGL1511Y, Emily Dickinson and the Theory of Lyric Form (Burrows)

ENGL1762D, Kubrick (Rambuss)

ENGL1900J, Zoopoetics (Smailbegovic)

ENGL1900Z, Neuroaesthetics and Reading (Armstrong)

ENGL1901J, Fanon and Spillers (Quashie)

ENGL1950H, The Recent Novels and Its Cultural Rivals (Nabers)

ENGL1950L, Inoperative Selves (Khalip)

ENGL2761C, Black Internationalism and Its Discontents (Murray)

ENGL2900X, Postcolonial Theory (Gandhi)

ENGL2901K, Theory, Technics, Religion (Redfield)

ENGL2901L, Studying Humanities in an Information Age (Egan) *CANCELLED 1/21/20

* For those concentrators declared in the Nonfiction Track, this Nonfiction course need not count as one of the three (3) Nonfiction electives and may fulfill a literature requirement.