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Advanced Oral and Written French: Traduction

FREN 1510A S01 [CRN: 16084]

An introduction to the theory and practice of translation, this course will be designed to expand students' range and appreciation of written styles and registers and will be based on translation exercises and texts reflecting different types of written and oral communication.Texts will range from literary texts (excerpts from novels, plays, comic books...) to journalistic texts (articles from newspapers...). Class activities will also include comparative studies of translated texts, as well as grammar review and vocabulary work. Course taught in French. Written translations to and from French. Prerequisite: FREN 0600 or equivalent. Enrollment limited to 18. Instructor permission required. WRIT
Fall 2017
12:00 - 12:50 Mon, Wed, Fri - from Sep 6, 2017 to Dec 21, 2017