Youenn Kervennic


YOUENN KERVENNIC , Senior Lecturer, Ph.D., Interdisciplinary French Studies, from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. 

His teaching interests include: Culture and Civilization of France; otherness; travel; and writing workshop. He teaches all levels of undergraduate and monitors and trains teachers. 

His first book, L'appel de la mer(2000), examines the impact of the sea in the social, cultural and political life of the people of his native fishing village of Brittany. In his second book, Le routard en smoking blanc (2011), he recounts his two-year long descent from North to South America and then reflects on the lessons he has learned in his 18 years of hitchhiking around the world. His current work is a short story tentatively entitled La tonne (the true story of a fisherman trying to beat an old record. >>More information

Brown-In-France Resident Director 2013-2014.