Library resources

This partial selection is not meant to serve as a web guide or a portal but represents a collection of materials used often in our courses. More sites can be found at the Brown Library Subject Site.

French Film Collection @ Brown

Over 3,000 French and francophone films have been collected with help from the Sevaux family fund, French and Francophone Studies, the Rockefeller library and private donors. The film collection is now housed in the Rockefeller Library and/or requested through the Rock for pick up. Students should be able to check out/order films. Also available is Kanopy, which offers streaming access for the select movies hosted online.  Circulation policies have not changed. Please note that over 60% of the holdings require en an international DVD player and need to be viewed on site (updated 7/15/13).

Note:  XXX means the film is currently being processed.  Check directly in Josiah.

French Grammar Resources

Antidote V.8 , the French spell checker and grammar tool. 55  copies installed on CIS servers  in computer clusters across campus.

ELFE, Elementary French Exercises for the web. 

Music Juke-Box@ Brown

300 Selected French and Francophone music sites. Some contain lyrics, others videos.

Cartoons/ Graphic Novels @ Brown