Brown in France

The Brown in France Paris Program offers direct enrollment at various French institutions for upper-level students of French in a broad range of disciplines. A credit-bearing pro-seminar  focusing on French language, culture and society, prepares students for their entry into the French university classroom and facilitates their integration into French society. It culminates in a personal project designed in concertation with the director allowing students to explore their Paris. This project can take the form of a research paper, a blog, a film, a photo essay, a play, etc.

The program is open to students who have completed FR 600 with a grade of B or higher.* We strongly recommend students take a French course the semester before studying in Paris.

If you are interested in the Brown in France Paris program, or an approved alternative program in another French-speaking country, please contact the Office of International Programs.   

N.B. * For the academic year 2020/21, OIP and the Department of French Studies will allow students with "S" grade for FREN 600 to apply for the Brown in France program.  

Brown in France Paris Program Information
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