Department News

On November 9th, 1989, the world watched in astonishment as jubilant crowds gathered on both sides of the Berlin Wall. One year later on October 3rd, 1990the opposing forces and ideologies of East and West Germany reunited as one nation. Twenty-five years after the Wiedervereinigung, united Germany sends a universal message of hope to present and future generations.

The following students were winners in a visual- and  text-based competition addressing the idea of UNITY in the 21st century.

Ekaterina Kryuchkova - "The Paradox of Unity'
Jamie McClung - Necessity of Positive Unity
Cory Broad - Unity (Drawing in Pen)
Frans Van Hoek - A Murderer’s Dying Lament
Alex Cerda - Video: "Openness" 

  • Michael Powers is one of 2 Ph.D. students receiving the 2014 Presidential Award for Excellence in Teaching. The Department congratulates him on this well-earned distinction for his excellent work as a teacher. 
  • The Department is delighted to announce the addition of two new faculty members: Kristina Mendicino (starting Fall 2013) and Thomas Schestag (starting Spring 2014).
  • Susan Bernstein has been awarded the 2013 John Rowe Workman Award for Faculty Excellence in Teaching in the Humanities.
  • Dennis Johannssen has been accepted by the Graduate School as one of 9 students in this year's cohort of the prestigious Open Graduate Education Program. This will allow him to pursue an M.A. in Philosophy concurrently with his Ph.D. in German Studies.
  • Zachary Sng has been awarded Curricular Development Grants from the Dean of College to create and teach 2 new courses in 2013-14: a seminar on Literature and Multilingualism and a First Year Seminar on German Film. 
  • Dirk Oschmann (U. of Leipzig) will join the German Department as Max Kade Distinguished Visiting Professor in Fall 2013.
  • David Krell (DePaul University), will join the German Department as Brauer Distinguished Visiting Professor & Distinguished Visiting Fellow, Cogut Center for the Humanities in Fall 2013.