Applicants should submit a writing sample (in German or English) of approximately 20 pages. Foreign students also will need to take the TOEFL exam.  The letter of application should suggest research interests as well as possible fields of secondary study.  Applicants should present evidence of advanced proficiency in German and a solid background in German literature, culture, and critical thought. 

The GRE is no longer required for admission.

For admission forms please visit the Graduate School's website.

Students whose primary department for graduate work at Brown is not German Studies may earn an M.A. in German Studies by completing 8 courses in the area of German Studies.  These shall include at least 6 courses within the Department of German Studies and a maximum of 2 approved courses in a closely related field.  None of these may overlap with coursework completed for the student's home department.

Students who obtain a B.A. in German Studies from Brown may integrate their undergraduate studies with work towards an M.A. as part of the 5th year Masters program.  Six additional courses beyond the B.A. are required.  Please see the Dean of the College's website for more information.

The Department does not accept outside applications for a terminal M.A. degree.