Benjamin Brand Bio

Benjamin Brand - Graduate Student
German Studies

Entered Brown Fall 2010

Before coming to Brown, Benjamin worked at the University of Dortmund (DE) as assistant in the German department's office for the management of examinations (Prüfungsmanagement). He studied German, English, Politics and Journalism at the Saint Mary's University Halifax (CA) and the University of Dortmund, where he received his M.A. in Applied Literary and Cultural Studies. Benjamin is interested in "writing" understood as the now of literary production and the material as well as the immaterial resistances that have to be overcome in the emergence of a (literary) text. In this context, Benjamin has worked on authors like Franz Kafka, Paul Auster, and Sigmund Freud. Further research interests include the Kalendergeschichten of Johann Peter Hebel and their influence on writers and thinkers such as Walter Benjamin, Martin Heidegger, and W.G. Sebald.

2009 M.A. in Angewandte Literatur- und Kulturwissenschaften, Technische Universität Dortmund, Germany

Thesis title: Paul Auster und Franz Kafka – Im Spiegelkabinett des Schreibens

Conference Papers
2012 "Preserved Bodies and Polished Bones: The Resurfacing of Johann Peter Hebel in W.G. Sebald" at Collapse/Catastrophe/Change (ACLA 2012)

2012 "The Analysis of Resistances as Philological Approach: Goethe's Lead Pencil" at The Future of Philology (Columbia University, German Department: 11th annual graduate conference)

2011 "Wieland's Exodus of the Abderites: An Etiologic Myth of Irony as Resolution of the Cosmopolitanism/Patriotism-Conflict" at (Re)Making Myths: The Creation, Use, and Abuse of Myths in German Literature, History, and Culture (Brown University, Departments of German Studies, History and the Cogut Center for the Humanities: joint interdisciplinary graduate student conference)

2011 "(Pre-)Occupied With Writing: Misunderstood Writing and the Misreadings of Goethe, Kafka and Paul Auster" at [Pre]Occupations: Working, Seizing, Dwelling (University of Rhode Island, English Department: 5th annual graduate student conference)

"Schrift und Zeit in Franz Kafkas Oktavheften," ed. Caspar Battegay, Focus on German Studies 18 (2011) [forthcoming]

2008 LesArt.Preis der jungen Literatur, Dortmund (DE),

2012-2013 Graduate International Colloquium Grant for the colloquium series Detours, Deviations, and Digressions in International Literature and Thought.