The department offers beginning and intermediate courses (GRMN 0100- GRMN 0400) where students learn to read, write and converse in German. Intensive Beginning German (GRMN 0110) allows the student to complete beginning German in one semester. After successfully completing GRMN 0400, students may elect coursework depending upon their interests. GRMN 0500 and GRMN 0600 are designed to integrate further intensive work on language skills with semester-long introductions to aspects of German culture.

There is no required sequencing among courses beginning with GRMN 0500. Students must complete GRMN 0500 or get permission from the instructor to proceed to any course above that which is taught in German. Naturally, courses taught in English are open to all.

Advanced Coursework

Courses above GRMN 0600 are taught in German or in English and are designed to allow students to pursue specialized interests such as literature, film, media theory, theater studies, aesthetics, philosophy, etc. These courses are mostly discussion-oriented, and students are encouraged to engage critically with both primary and secondary texts.

Consult the concentration advisor [email protected], for advice about which courses are most appropriate for you.


The Online Placement Test for German is available here