Student Information

Student Information

Transfer Credit

Any student who would like to transfer credit toward a German concentration from another institution in the United States, or from abroad, should talk to the concentration advisor, [email protected].


First-Year Prizes

First-year students may compete for prizes awarded to those with the best secondary preparation in German. Established in 1913, the Caesar Misch Prize is awarded to a male who excelled in secondary preparation for German. Women are eligible for the Asa Clinton Crowell Prize, established in 1928. Please contact the departmental office for details.

First-year students are also eligible for two prizes awarded for the best performances in Beginning German. These are awarded at the end of the Spring semester.

Senior Prize

Adolf Conrad Ely, teacher of the class of 1894, established a premium for the senior or seniors, who have done outstanding work in German Studies.

Delta Phi Alpha

Brown is home to the Kappa Upsilon chapter of Delta Phi Alpha, the national honor society for students of German. Every year students who have excelled in German, demonstrated a strong interest in German culture and completed at least two years of college are inducted into this society.

Teaching Opportunities

Teaching Apprentices

Every Spring semester the Department of German Studies employs four undergraduate Teaching Apprentices for GM 0110 (Intensive Beginning German). Under the supervision of a faculty member, these students are responsible for teaching small conversation sections three times per week. These Teaching Apprentices will normally have studied abroad in Germany, and they should be able to transmit their enthusiasm for learning German to their students. Contact [email protected].


Each semester, several students are normally hired to work as tutors for two or three hours per week. The tutors meet with individual students who would like extra help with conversation or any other aspect of language learning. Contact [email protected].

Summer English teaching in Germany

Occasionally the department is able to facilitate one or two opportunities to teach English in a rural setting in one of the new German states for a month in the summer. Home stay makes this program attractive to students of German. Contact [email protected].