Study Abroad

Study Abroad in Spring semester or for whole year

The Department of German Studies encourages all students to study in Germany for one or two semesters. We offer a Brown in Berlin program at the Humboldt University that you can read more about here. Applications are available from the Office of International Programs and are due at the beginning of October for study in the second semester. For more information please contact [email protected].

Transfer Credit: For a full semester’s worth of credit at Brown, students studying in Germany are expected to complete 4 courses for evaluation each semester.   Since German professors are not always expected to evaluate each student in their course, Brown program students must be sure to arrange in advance for four Scheine per semester in the courses they take for credit.  The maximum credit that students may transfer from study abroad is four Brown credits per semester (eight per year).

Housing: Students find housing in apartments of their choosing. Students may choose to rent on their own or in shared housing. Apartments are available in close proximity to the university and in desirable neighborhoods. Students receive a monthly stipend toward housing.

On-site Coordinator: The on-site coordinator is responsible for coordinating the program in Germany. Your first contact with the on-site coordinator will be upon arriving in Germany, where you will be picked up and brought to the orientation program. This invaluable resource helps students with all organizational matters related to registering at the university. Throughout the semester, the coordinator arranges for monthly meetings and one longer group excursion. In addition to these meetings the on-site coordinator keeps in contact with students through cell phones issued to students as part of the program. The on-site coordinator also organizes the language/orientation program and is usually one of the instructors. He also assists students in finding housing.

Orientation in Berlin: Students participate in a four-week long orientation/language program run by the on-site coordinator and taught by qualified instructors. Courses focus on preparing students for academic life at the Humboldt University. Students are placed into language courses according to skill level. Time is spent out of class, familiarizing students with the university and exploring the city.

Study Abroad in Fall semester 

Study in the fall semester only is not possible through the OIP due to the German academic calendar. Our students have in the past spent Fall semester in Germany through other programs such as Duke in Berlin

Internships in Germany

For information about internships and scholarships, please consult this document.