• Campus Culture

    Campus Culture

    Graduate students make up a quarter of Brown’s student population. Learn about our culture, distinctive 
    opportunities, and academic programs. Read about initiatives in doctoral education and support.

  • Master's Education

    Master's Education

    Brown offers 31 master's programs, ranging from Literary Arts to Computer Science. Hear from 2015-16 students about their goals and development. Learn about the academic programsPictured: Master's students Brandon Armstead, Yangnaihui Feng, and Khaled Almilaji. 

  • Leadership


    Dean Andrew G. Campbell has embarked on an outreach campaign to create the Graduate School's strategic plan. He and the Associate Deans held student input sessions with graduate students on September 14, 19, 20, and 26. See details.  

  • Engaged Scholarship

    Engaged Scholarship

    Master's students in Urban Education Policy focused on community-based research this summer. One group facilitated collaboration between a local youth agency and 12 higher education institutions. Read more.

  • Research Opportunities

    Research Opportunities

    'If you think of yourself solely as either a scientist or an engineer, you can get trapped in a certain way of thinking,' says PhD student Tess Caswell, who attended a mission-planning bootcamp. 'But if you want to fly a spacecraft to other planets, you have to wear both hats.' Read more.

  • Opening Pathways

    Opening Pathways

    William Jordan overcame odds to study at Brown. The PhD student hopes to inspire others to pursue science. He has won two competitive awards this year. Read more.

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News and Announcements

Brown’s J. Michael Kosterlitz Wins Nobel Prize in Physics

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences has awarded Brown University Professor J. Michael Kosterlitz the Nobel Prize in Physics “for theoretical discoveries of topological phase transitions and topological phases of matter.” Kosterlitz is the Harrison E. Farnsworth Professor of Physics at Brown, where he joined the faculty in 1979. He shares one half of the Nobel prize with F. Duncan M. Haldane of Princeton University, with the other half of the Nobel going to David J. Thouless of the University of Washington in Seattle.

Brown, Citing NLRB Ruling, Voices Support for Student Discussions and Offers Resources

After the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) ruling that graduate students at Columbia University are employees and have the right to unionize, Brown University leaders said in a statement that they will comply with the decision and support discussions among graduate students as they explore whether or not unionization is right for them. Prior to the NLRB's August 23 decision, Dean Andrew G. Campbell echoed Provost Richard M. Locke's call for constructive dialogue about graduate education and graduate student unionization in the coming weeks and months. "This moment allows us to focus on the contributions of graduate students to the teaching and research mission of Brown University," Dean Campbell said. See FAQs and resources