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Graduating Students: Service & Email Changes

What are the changes to my services?

Your Brown Google content will stay with you—your password, your Google Drive, Google Meet and all your Google email content. You’ll continue using BrownConnect, Handshake, and Rosetta Stone, with minor differences.

Student services such as software (ex: Adobe Creative Cloud, Zoom), VPN, card access, wifi, and your current library access will cease once your requirements are marked as complete by the Registrar’s office, usually within a few days of degree completion. See full details on the Computing & Information Services webpage for graduating students.

When will my email address change?

Student email accounts will be migrated to an lifetime address (unless the graduate is going straight into a Brown staff or faculty position) 10 days after degree completion). Messages will be forwarded from your student address to your new address for 90 days after degree completion.