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Research Matters! Celebrating New Ideas and Discoveries

Research Matters, hosted by the Graduate School, is a live event, featuring short talks by graduate students and other scholars from the Brown community on “Why my research matters”. These brief talks showcase exceptional graduate student scholarship and celebrate their discoveries and ideas.

2022 Nomination & Application Process
Graduate students: Tell us why your research matters! We are looking for 5-minute talks on research projects by Brown University doctoral and master’s students. The talks are for a general audience. 

What’s involved:

  1. Nomination. Faculty, staff, and students are invited to nominate a graduate student with a compelling research story to tell. Graduate students may also self-nominate. Nominations for the Research Matters 2022 event are due by March 14, 2022.
  2. Application submission. Graduate students (no nomination required) are invited to apply with a submission of their research and talk description and short video of themselves presenting their scholarship by March 18, 2022.  (Applicants are encouraged to read Speaker Tips.)
  3. Selection and Semi-finals. Semi-finalists will be invited to give a live talk (no more than 5 min.) at a scheduled session(s) in late-March. The selection panel will comprise faculty, graduate students and the Graduate School.
  4. Final selections. Those selected to speak at the live event are expected to attend a number of training, practice and mentoring sessions, including a rehearsal scheduled  the day before the main event (Dates TBD).
  5. Research Matters 2022. The live event is on Thursday, April 21 from 4-6 pm at Grant Recital Hall. All talks will be video recorded and will be featured on the Graduate School website.

Get inspired: Watch videos from previous Research Matters events: 2019 | 2017 | 2016 | 2014.

Learn more about students’ experiences participating in Research Matters.

Questions? Please contact: Vanessa Ryan, Co-Deputy Dean and Associate Dean of Student Development or direct general questions to [email protected].

Nominees will need to submit the following by March 18:

  • A 350 word description of your talk and research project.
  • A short video: Give us a sense of you speaking about your innovative idea and research project. This can be as short as one-minute, but no more than 3 minutes. You can use a smartphone or built-in webcam. Video quality is not the priority, as long as you are audible. We just want to get a brief sense of you as a speaker.
    Send the video to us one of two ways:
      --Google Drive: Share your file with us at [email protected],
          subject heading: “Research Matters Submission”
      --or, send us a link to a Youtube or Vimeo video.

If you are unable to submit a short video, please email [email protected].