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Executive Master Student Focus: Danielle Abatemarco, Science and Technology Leadership (EMSTL)

Danielle AbatemarcoDanielle AbatemarcoDanielle is currently a Senior Specialist in the division of World Wide Patient Safety at Bristol Myers Squibb in Jersey City, NJ. She has a bachelor’s degree in neuroscience from Hamilton College with minors in Women’s Studies and Italian. She is also a licensed nurse and holds an advanced degree in public health.

My time in the program has been transformational. I knew Brown had exceptional faculty, and yet I was still amazed by my professors’ commitment and concern for my growth and development. Building relationships with my cohort has exposed me to new industries, diverse outlooks and different ways of working and communicating. Through my learning and interactions, I discovered more about myself and developed a deeper understanding of my motivations, strengths, and personal leadership style. 

I found Brown’s EMSTL program while researching MBA programs. My career up to that point had been in neurobehavioral research and within the pharmaceutical industry; I was knowledgeable in the medical/scientific space but lacked the business understanding to truly grasp how companies function and evolve in my field. When I found Brown’s EMSTL program, it struck me as a combination of traditional business school and career coaching. The interdisciplinary mindset and focus on communication and leadership made this program stand out from the rest as better preparing its students to adapt and thrive in uncertainty. In EMSTL, I’ve developed the skills I’ll need to succeed in a rapidly changing, increasingly global workforce.

My main area of interest is in digital health, and in the advances we can make at the intersection of technology and healthcare. In my current role I work within a dedicated innovation team under World Wide Patient Safety. We’re focused on developing solutions to unlock value and insights in pharmacovigilance, the ongoing surveillance of the safety/risk profile of drugs on the market.

My role requires me to wear many hats; I lead our change management and communications initiatives, design and develop machine learning algorithms, and manage our department’s publications strategy. As such, I often utilize my EMSTL degree in a number of ways: I use my finance knowledge to bolster the value propositions needed to gain funding for my machine learning research; I utilize my presentation skills when tailoring effective communications to various stakeholders; and I take what I’ve learned about effective leadership to message and drive change in a uniquely “me” way. I have no doubt that my degree will be applicable and relevant in future positions as I continue to navigate my career and find my purpose. 

To prospective students, I strongly encourage you to consider Brown’s EMSTL program. You will have unmatched opportunity to learn from renown faculty, access to the University’s excellent resources, and opportunity to create a strong network with your peers.