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Required Educational Module and Student Commitment

August 18, 2020

Dear Graduate Students,

We hope you are well as we approach the fall semester.  As part of our ongoing efforts to ensure the health and safety of the Brown University community, we write to outline important steps that you must take in order to remain enrolled for the fall semester. 

As you have read in prior communications about Brown’s academic year plans, all students living in the City of Providence are required to complete an online educational module and then read and sign the Student Commitment to COVID-19 Community Health and Safety Requirements (Student Commitment). All students who will be in Providence for any period of time must complete the module.  This message contains your individualized link to access the module and sign the Student Commitment. 

The educational module was created collaboratively by students and staff at Brown to explain the health practices necessary to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. The Student Commitment sets forth requirements, expectations, and understandings that will help support your health and the health of others while reducing the risk of contracting COVID-19. The Student Commitment is similar to a required acknowledgment for employees.
The health and well-being of our community depends upon our individuals decisions, actions and behaviors. As President Paxson has written, it is vitally important that we all embrace our shared responsibility in following these new standards.
Please allow approximately 30 minutes to complete the module and sign the Student Commitment. The deadline for completion is Monday, August 31, 2020. 

Follow this link to complete the required module and student commitment:
Educational module and student commitment
If you would like, you can preview the student commitment before starting.
We appreciate your engagement with these materials as an important step toward protecting the health of the Brown and greater Providence communities. 

Eric Estes
Vice President for Campus Life

Andrew G. Campbell
Dean of the Graduate School