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PhD Career Pathways Proctorship in Academic Administration

The PhD Career Pathways Proctorship in Academic Administration offers doctoral students the  opportunity to get hands-on experience in higher education administration. The proctor will join the PhD Career Pathways project, funded by the Council of Graduate Schools (CGS), to work with the Graduate School to analyze PhD career preferences and outcomes and to help faculty and university leaders strengthen career support, professional development opportunities, and mentoring. The PhD Career Pathways project reflects the Graduate School’s commitment to educating doctoral students for a diversity of careers. This proctorship, offered in the final year of the project, will allow us to bring the insights gleaned from three years of student and alumni survey feedback to shape and advance the future of graduate education in the coming years. 

Working closely with the Associate Dean of Student Development and other Graduate School leadership, the Proctor will be a vital part of the CGS PhD Pathways project. Responsibilities will include regular meetings with the Associate Dean, joining in project meetings, analysis of survey data, planning, and proposal writing. Duties will likely include a number of the roles below:

  • Analysis of the survey data. A primary focus for the proctor will be analysis of the survey data, reviewing differences by disciplinary division, identifying opportunities for increased professional development, whether in particular divisions or across all doctoral programs, and reviewing alumni career outcomes and responses, in particular comparing these with current student career interests. 
  • Making the case. The Proctor will have the opportunity to help shape how the data tells a compelling story that will drive our improvement efforts, developing visualizations of the data, drafting initial outreach materials, executive summaries, and materials to support conversations around diverse career pathways.
  • Gap analysis. Reviewing the collected data, in concert with an inventory of what is currently offered at Brown, the proctor with help with a gap analysis to identify where to direct more services, support, and potentially programs and guidance.
  • Sustainability planning. The proctor will contribute to plans to ensure sustainability beyond the conclusion of the CGS PhD Career Pathways project, potentially helping to revise PhD Exit Surveys or annual surveys, by integrating elements that extend our efforts to endorse a broad range of career outcomes for PhD students.

The proctorship activities will average up to 20 hours/week and will be in lieu of a student’s regular appointment in their degree program. The student is requested to provide feedback on the experience through the Proctorships Experience Survey administered at the end of the semester. 

Doctoral students who will in 2019-20 be in years 2 through 6 are eligible to apply. Students who have reached candidacy preferred. Doctoral students in the Division of BioMed are eligible to apply.

*Interested students who do not meet eligibility requirements (such as students beyond stipend years) are encouraged to be in touch directly with the Graduate School ([email protected]), as an hourly employed position may be possible. 

Funding and Award
Semester stipend, tuition, health insurance, dental insurance and coverage of the health services fee are provided by the Graduate School.

Application Process and Submission Deadline:

  •  Statement of Purpose (maximum 2-page statement) detailing:
    1) Current status as a graduate student (year, expected graduation date, competing employment or academic expectations for Spring 2020);
    2) Your interest, background, and qualifications for the position
  • Current CV/resume
  • Brief letter of recommendation from student’s Faculty research advisor, or another Faculty member for students who do not yet have a research advisor
  • Short message of support from the applicant’s Director of Graduate Studies (this should be sent as an email directly to [email protected])

Send above items as one pdf document to the [email protected], if possible, with the DGS message of support and Faculty brief letter sent separately directly to [email protected]. Deadline for application submission is November 21, 2019.

Students with additional questions about this proctorship can contact Vanessa Ryan.