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Brown/Wheaton Faculty Fellows Program: Departments & Courses/Areas of Focus for 2021-2022

Department/Program Course/Area of Focus
Anthropology Particular interest in archeology courses that our department is commonly unable to offer.
Chemistry Organic and/or Inorganic Chemistry
Department of Classics CLAS 258/358: Tales of Troy, taught in translation and part of the War in the West Connection
Education Education and Anti-Racism (an introductory course about structural inequality, the purposes of schooling, and culturally-responsive/anti-racist pedagogy -- could be taught by a doctoral candidate in sociology, psychology, history, philosophy, or political science)
French Studies Any 300-level seminar on French or Francophone literature, civilization. Also interested in interdisciplinary courses involving History, Women and Gender Studies, Art History or Sociology.
History Department U.S. History, any area
Psychology Social Psychology
Sociology Possible areas: Health, Race, Inequality, Poverty, Media
Theatre and Dance World Dance or Acting

Contacts: Touba Ghadessi, Associate Provost for Academic Administration and Faculty Affairs, Wheaton College; and Vanessa Ryan, Associate Dean of Student Development, Brown University Graduate School