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Brown/Wheaton Faculty Fellows Program: Departments & Courses/Areas of Focus for 2018-2019

Department/Program* Course/Area of Focus
History An upper-level, European history course, with a geographic specialty in any region of Europe/Russia, any time period, and any theme.
Psychology Social Psychology, Learning & Memory, Cognition, Intro to Psychology, or Child Development.
Political Science An introductory or upper-level course in International Relations.
Religion World Religion, Philosophy of Religion, or any course designed by the fellow that reflects the fellow’s strengths and adds diversity to department’s offerings
Sociology Urban Sociology or Public Health.

*Applicants in areas not represented in the focus areas above can review Wheaton College's academic programs and offerings and identify an existing area to which they propose to contribute. Please note clearly in your application letter which Academic Program at Wheaton College would host you.