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Brown/Wheaton Faculty Fellows Program: Departments & Courses/Areas of Focus for 2020-2021

Anthropology/Public Health

Archaeology, medical anthropology or public health focus


Upper-level course in ecology/organismal biology to meet the needs of biology and environmental science majors seeking a 300-level course.




Course in European history preferred. Era open.


Data science statistics, or applied math (open to a course that would expand existing offerings in any of these areas).


Introduction to Neuroscience (currently “Brain, Mind, and Behavior,” to be renamed to Introduction to Neuroscience).

Public Health

Introduction to Public Health (PH101 is strongly preferred, but we would also consider an upper-level specialty course in public health)


Philosophy of Religion; Chinese Religions; other

*Applicants in areas not represented in the focus areas above can review Wheaton College's academic programs and offerings and identify an existing area to which they propose to contribute. Please note clearly in your application letter which Academic Program at Wheaton College would host you.